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Tactical AR/Carbine 4 Levels

  • Tactical AR-15 Carbine Level l training will give the student the necessary basics skills involved with owning, operating and maintaining this weapon system. Once the student has completed this training, they'll have a complete fundamental knowledge and background of the weapon along with history and development, different sighting systems, cleaning / lubrication / inspection points, zeroing their weapon and fundamental tactical drills. Tactical Training DFW in Fort Worth provides high quality instruction to all it's students clients. Click here to sign up.

Combat Shotgun 3 Levels

  • Combat shotgun level l is an in depth comprehensive course designed for the beginner shotgun enthusiast. Upon completion this course will give you the necessary skills to maintain and operate your shotgun whether for home defense or in the field hunting. Student will be instructed on history and development, field strip & cleaning, inspection points and safe storage. Once on the range you'll have the opportunity to pattern and run some basic drills related to shotgun. Click here for details.

Tactical Pistol 3 Levels

  • Firearms Training Dallas Fort Worth just south of Fort Worth only 25 minutes from DFW airport, offers a very dynamic approach in all levels of firearms training. Tactical Pistol level 1 is a great learning experience allowing the student to move and shoot, work through malfunctions and overall become a much higher skilled pistol shooter. Accuracy and speed drills coupled with stress is what this course is designed around. Upon completion the student will have a great level of confidence in handling most and pistol or revolver. We take great strides here at Dallas Fort Worth Tactical Training facility in providing you the student a convenient, safe learning environment. 

Firearms Training Fort Worth Tactical Training Facility

14 Specialized Courses

Basic Precision Rifle Course

  • Our Precision Rifle is designed for most any rifle shooter providing they have some average rifle skills. We keep it simple in this course focusing on several proven elements and not a bunch of formulas and math allowing you to learn faster how to engage targets at long range.
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Private Instruction

  • Private instruction at Firearms Training Fort Worth is for any area of firearms training from basic to advanced levels providing the student has completed the required training standards set forth by the facility. A student may not advance their training regiment by use of private instruction. Example, student is not permitted to go from level one to three. This training can be one on one, or with two students maximum. This instruction will give you complete one on one, or one on two time you need in any discipline we offer to focus on areas that you the student, require improvement.
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Texas LTC / CHL

  • FTFW offers the Texas LTC or license to carry for a low as $50 per student with no range fees. Classroom and range in the same location. Whether concealed or open carry of a handgun, training is still required by Texas law. We're conveniently located in the south Fort Worth.   We also provide a complimentary meal with this class along with reduced rental fees on handguns.
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  • Gift certificates are purchased in $220.00 increments. For example if you wish to gift someone a Tactical AR/Carbine 1 course, to easy. Just be sure you imput the correct amount of $220.00 when submitting payment. All FTFW terms and conditions apply.
  • Next send us an email at ( stating what it's for. You can do this in the monthly specials section or click the contact tab at the top of this page.
  • Last, we will send the gift certificate to the address that appears on the paypal invoice. This takes 3-5 business days to process.

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  •    FTFW is a private facility not open general public use. 469.826 3839. (FTFW). We are conveniently located in south Fort Worth Texas, just 35 minutes from DFW international airport. 

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