Basic Precision Rifle l (BPR l)


A good quality rifle coupled with match/custom hand loaded rifle ammunition are just two factors that make up equipment equation. An above average spotting scope, wind meter and weather device are also essential pieces needed.


Optics are another key factor when achieving accurate hits at long range. You will understand why certain reticles are more popular than others. Clear glass/optics will gather much needed light easier. It's important in this game to have the right tool for the right job.

Gathering Data

Every rifle is like a finger print, similar but different at the same time. Knowing exactly what your rifle is doing is another factor that will set you up for success for long range shots. One way is to measure each shot string and calculate what your bullet will preform.

Ballists & Projectiles (Bullets)

There are many different brands of bullets and understanding them can be difficult to say the least. The ballistics block of instruction will focus on external characteristics such as friction drag and coefficients.

Optics Tracking

Optics tracking can not always be precise as the manufacture states on the scope knob. In this block you will learn the off set of your scope and the correction factor. In turn knowing exactly what your scope is capable of doing. Scopes of high quality are required for this to be done.

Techniques Application

This block of instruction is applying what you've learned in BPR l.

Basic Precision Rifle ll will involve training at multiple yardages out to 500 yards.

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