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     Thank you for choosing Firearms Training Fort Worth. Please be sure to include in the content message the reason for your inquiry so that we may better assist you. Also keep in mind that we will respond to all training related questions and inquires. We will not respond to membership inquires via phone or email. Membership will only be considered after fourteen hours of our core based training along with a valid Texas LTC.

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Firearms Training Fort Worth Dallas

4886 Kennedale New Hope Rd, Fort Worth, Texas 76140, United States

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How To Contact Us

  • The most efficient way to reach us is by email. All training and services are by scheduled appointment only.
  • FTFW is a private facility not open general public use. 
  • We are conveniently located in south Fort Worth Texas, just 35 minutes from DFW international airport. If you're flying in, see local lodging assistance listed below.

Flying With Your Firearms

Training With Your Firearm Is Important

Here at Firearms Training Fort Worth Tactical Training Facility we believe the student/client should train and learn to manipulate their own firearm and not a rental. Even though they maybe somewhat similar, it's not your personal gun that belongs to you. 

This page has the necessary information which should remove any guessing or fears you might have. It's not hard traveling with your firearms, you just have to know and understand the rules. Below are some simple Q & A facts to assist you.

Questions & Answers

Traveling With Firearms

  • I've got my aircraft approved container and want to bring my personal firearm to Firearms Training Fort Worth to train with but I live in another state and will be flying in. How do I travel with my firearm and get it on the plane?   
  • Answer. Contact the TSA at the airport you will be departing from. Find out where the nearest TSA agent counter is by the gate closest to your check in area. When you arrive for check in, make positively sure the firearm/s are completely unloaded and no ammunition in the case what so ever. You will have to fill out some paper work regarding the firearm/s. A slip of paper will be placed in the container and locked. When you arrive at your destination, you must go to the TSA counter there and claim your firearm/s. Inspect the container for damage or if it's been tampered with. Do this in front of the TSA agent.

Firearm Cases

  • I've heard you have to place your firearm/s in an approved aircraft container.    
  • Answer. Yes, that is true and it has to be lockable. You may transport unloaded firearms in a locked hard-sided container as checked baggage only. Declare the firearm and/or ammunition to the airline when checking your bag at the ticket counter. The container must completely secure the firearm from being accessed. Locked cases that can be easily opened are not permitted. Be aware that the container the firearm was in when purchased may not adequately secure the firearm when it is transported in checked baggage. Goggle search for aircraft approved containers and you will find what you need. In some cases, your local sporting goods store will carry aircraft approved containers.

Ammunition In Checked Baggage

  • What about my ammunition? How do I travel with it? And where do I put my magazines?   
  • Answer. Ammunition is prohibited in carry-on baggage, but may be transported in checked baggage. Firearm magazines and ammunition clips, whether loaded or empty, must be securely boxed or included within a hard-sided case containing an unloaded firearm.
  • Read the requirements governing the transport of ammunition in checked baggage as defined by 49 CFR 175.10 (a)(8).
  • Disclaimer TSA rules are subject to change. When traveling with firearms, you should reserch current rules, regulations and requirements.

Traveling with Firearms

Remove The Fear Of Flying With Your Firearm.

Local Lodging Assistance

La Quinta Inns Mansfield Texas

  • All three of these hotels are just 15 minutes from the facility. Which makes it very easy and convenient to get back and forth. Not to mention the enormous dinning options available from breakfast, lunch and supper.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott

  • Dinning options are endless
  • including 
  • Spring Creek Bar-b-Que 
  • Mexican Inn 
  • Mama's Pizza  
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Cotton Patch 
  • Mama Cuca's Mexican Cuisine 
  • Olive Garden 
  • Applebee's 
  • On The Border 
  • Chili's  
  • Jason's Deli 
  • Just to name a few. There is no problem finding quality dinning in and around the Mansfield Texas area.

Hampton Inn Mansfield Texas

  • Lastly, we want to do everything possible to make your training experience with Firearms Training Fort Worth safe, exciting and enjoyable. Whether your flying into DFW international airport, Love Field in Dallas or driving and need some assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us by email regarding questions on the best possible way to travel. Firearms Training DFW contact us Dallas.