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How Do I Renew My LEOSA

  • We offer LEOSA Handgun Renewal DFW in and around the Fort Worth mid cities area. 
  •  The facility has all the necessary paperwork needed for you to satisfy TCOLE. (Texas Commission On Law Enforcement)
  • This is a very quick and painless process and only takes about 30-40 minutes to administer the handgun qualification depending on the number of LEOSA's qualifying. This is a pass / fail qualification and will include the course of fire with results for your records.
  • How To Schedule A Qualification Time       
  • Email us at trainingdept@firearmstrainingfortworth.com with your availability.   
  • It is required that you call upon arrival. The number is 469-826-3839 for entry into the secured facility.   
  • Be prepared to show your ID and credentials when you arrive.
  • Things you will need:  
  • Handgun, 9 mm or larger   
  • 50 rounds of target ammunition  
  • Prior agency / department identification
  • Holster
  • 2 magazines
  • Magazine pouch
  • $30.00 for the qualification

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Needing Your LEOSA Certification? We Can Help

Firearms Training Fort Worth provides handgun proficiency examinations to those that qualify under the leosa act. FTFW is a private, secured facility.

Firearms Training Fort Worth Dallas

4886 Kennedale New Hope Rd, Fort Worth, Texas 76140, United States

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How To Schedule An Appointment

  • Send us an email and include
  • Full name
  • Date your available
  • Contact number
  • Bring your retired ID & $25.00
  • Call upon arrival 469.826.FTFW

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