North Texas Shooting Matches

Texas Ladies Of Steel

  • Texas Ladies Of Steel is a competitive pistol match utilizing two categories in both limited and production classes. This match will consist of no less than 5 stages. Next scheduled match is October 7th 2017.  Food trailer on-site. Minimum age 21. Email us below for full details.

Madri Gras Two Gun

  •  An exciting and extremely fun five stage challenge utilizing both semi auto pistol and pump shotgun. After the match all competitors receive a delicious Cajun lunch along with fresh New Orleans King cake. The next Mardi Gras Two Gun is February 10th 2018. Minimum age 21,  Email us below for full details. 

Iron Match V

  •  Iron Match V is a five stage USPSA steel challenge. If you like steel challenge, you'll love Iron Match V. The stages are set at random action packed and full of fun. Come out and try your hand at our proprietary contest known as Iron Match V. Age limits are (15-18 years of age, 22 long rifle handgun only) 18 years and up may use center fire pistol in 9mm 40 S&W & 45acp. Next match date Sept. 16 2017  Email us below for full details. 

Wheel Gun Challange

  •  The Wheel Gun Challenge is a revolver based shooting match integrating both steel and paper targets. Competitors must utilize 38 special ammunition only in order to shoot this contest fired from either a 38/357 or a dedicated 38 special revolver. Just a hint shooters, 4” and 6” models will give best performance as well as best accuracy. This will be a 5 stage match. Next match date July 22nd.  Email us below for full details. 

Smoke & Gun

  •  Another proprietary match of the facility is non other than Smoke & Gun. This is a contest for Firefighters going head to head with law enforcement. This shooting match will consist of 5 individual stages integrating both steel and paper targets. This match will be shoot with handgun only utilizing 9mm 40 S&W 45acp. To enter this match you must be a firefighter or law enforcement personnel. Wear you department or station colors. Next match date August 26th 2017.  Email us below for full details. 

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  • Main gate will open at 7:30am
  • Registration at 8:00am
  • Safety brief at 8:15am 
  • All matches start at 9:00am
  • Main gate secured at 8:15am

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