North Texas Shooting Matches

Texas Ladies Of Steel

  • Texas Ladies Of Steel is a competitive pistol match utilizing open, limited and production class pistols. This match will consist of no less than 5 stages. Next scheduled match is November 18th 2017. See below for match start times.  Minimum age 21. Email us below for full details. Remember this is a ladies only match, if you're interested please review the rules and register below or through Practiscore.  Late comers will be added as walk-on's until 2pm.

Madri Gras Two Gun

  •  An exciting and extremely fun five stage challenge utilizing both semi auto pistol and pump shotgun. After the match all competitors receive a delicious Cajun lunch along with fresh New Orleans King cake. The next Mardi Gras Two Gun is February 10th 2018. Minimum age 21,  Email us below for full details.  If you're interested please review the rules and register below.  Last comers will be added as walk-on's until 2pm.


Iron Match V

  •  Iron Match V is a five stage USPSA steel challenge type match. If you like steel challenge, you'll love Iron Match V. The stages are set at random action packed and full of fun. Come out and try your hand at our proprietary contest known as Iron Match V. Age limits are (15-18 years of age, 22 long rifle handgun only) 18 years and up may use center fire pistol in 9mm 40 S&W & 45acp. Next match date Sept. 16 2017  Email us below for full details.  If you're interested please review the rules and register below. Last comers will be added as walk-on's until 2pm.

Wheel Gun Challange

  •  The Wheel Gun Challenge is a revolver based shooting match integrating both steel and paper targets. Competitors must utilize 38 special ammunition only in order to shoot this contest fired from either a 38/357 or a dedicated 38 special revolver. Just a hint shooters, 4” and 6” models will give best performance as well as best accuracy. This will be a 5 stage match. Next match date July 22nd.  Email us below for full details.  If you're interested please review the rules and register below.   Last comers will be added as walk-on's until 2pm.

Smoke & Gun

  •  Another proprietary match of the facility is non other than Smoke & Gun. This is a contest for Firefighters going head to head with law enforcement. This shooting match will consist of 5 individual stages integrating both steel and paper targets. This match will be shoot with handgun only utilizing 9mm 40 S&W 45acp. To enter this match you must be a firefighter or law enforcement personnel. Wear you department or station colors. Next match date August 26th 2017.  Email us below for full details.  If you're interested please review the rules and register below.  Last comers will be added as walk-on's until 2pm.


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FTFW is a private tactical training facility not open for general public use. 

Firearms Training Fort Worth Dallas

4886 Kennedale New Hope Rd, Fort Worth, Texas 76140, United States

Veteran Owned And Operated

Day Of Match

  • Main gate will open at 7:30am
  • Registration at 8:00 am
  • Safety brief at 8:15 am 
  • All matches start at 9:00 am
  • Main gate secured at 8:15 am
  • Last comers will be added as walk-on's until 2 pm.


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Next Match Mardi Gras Two Gun 2/10/2018


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A Cajun themed lunch will follow the match. 

All match fee's are non refundable. In the event you do not attend the match you originally signed up for, you may attend the next scheduled match only at no cost. 

NTSM Basic Match Rules

Disqualifications (DQ)

  •  Participants are subject to match disqualification for violation of any rule or regulation given in either the stage briefing or the safety briefing at the beginning of the match. The match director reserves the right to DQ anyone unsafe or not fit. Any accidental discharge of a weapon by a competitor will be grounds for DQ from the match, this includes any loaded gun.

Match Safety Briefing/Stage Briefings

  • A match safety briefing will be conducted prior to the match beginning, ALL competitors MUST attend the safety briefing. Additional rules may be applied to any match or any match stage.
  • At each stage, a stage briefing will be given describing how the stage is supposed to be engaged by the shooter.  The match director may discuss different options to shoot the stage.

Firearms/Weapons & Stage Safety

  • All weapons not in use will be clear! Handguns, once complete with a stage will be cleared and visually inspected by the RO. The RO will say "Show Clear, Slide down/hammer down pull the trigger and re-holster. All done in a safe direction. Anytime during a stage is the shooter/competitor breaks the 180 degree they will be DQed. 
  • Non-competitors/spectators are NOT PERMITTED to reset or score any stage!
  • Re-setting of any and all stages will be done only by the competitors after the stage has been scored.

Gear & Ammunition

  • In order to be considered secure all handgun/pistols must be in a belt mounted holster on your dominate hip that secures or locks the weapon in place during movement. If a weapon falls from a holster because of movement, you will be DQed. Caliber may be 9mm, 40 S&W or 45acp. Steel Case ammunition is not permitted!!! 
  • No steel core ammunition is permitted!!! Shotgun ammunition in either 20/12 gauge with 7.5 8 9 size shot only, 

We Operate a (COLD RANGE)!

  • All participants firearms will remain unloaded with no ammunition or magazine in gun at the match site except under the direction of a match official. All weapons will be cleared onto the range per the match director and RO's. No show and tell is permitted at any time during the match.
  • Spectators / Minors: We do encourage on lookers. But you may find it a distraction for yourself as a competitor to be fully responsible for a minor child while competing. If the match director finds this to be unsafe at any time during the match you could be DQed. 

NTSM Scoring

  • We use Comstock,Virginia and Fixed Time per the 2014 USPSA rule book.
  • Paper: Paper target are scored as Best Two on  paper. A miss on paper is +5 seconds
  • Steel Knock Down:  When engaging a steel knock down, the steel target must be knocked off the stand in order to score a hit. 
  • Steel Poppers: Steel poppers  in order to score a hit, must have a visible hit or fall. A miss on a popper is +5 seconds
  • Penalties: Penalties will be discussed at the stage briefing. 
  • Jackpot Stage: A jackpot stage will be drawn at random at the end of the match. Any competitor may participate in the Jackpot.
  • Any discrepancies will be decided by two people, the match director and the RO that ran that stage.