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LTC Training And Beyond

  • Tactical Firearms Courses DFW in Dallas. Our cadre consists of combat military trained veterans, regional, national competitors, EMS medic professionals providing our student clients some of the best possible core based, relevant technique training.
  • The ranges at the facility are very diverse, flexible and spacious with plenty of room to move. Having several training areas or (TAC BAYS) on site there's almost nothing in the way of training that can't be achieved safely. The 100 yard range is designed for a multitude of training as well as gathering valuable data or DOPE (data on previous engagement). Typically we do all our rifle break-ins, rifle sight-ins, certain types of qualifications, chronograph readings, ballistic testing, and precision rifle basics training on this range. Firearms Training Fort Worth Tactical Training Courses DFW in Dallas, provides all student/clients a private and secure setting.

Law Enforcement

  • The reactive handgun/shotgun training area has many options also with the maximum range here being 50 yards. Four of our Tac Bays are enclosed on three sides with multiple target emplacements from ground mounted to AR-500 steel so you know with out a doubt that you made contact with the intended target. Barricades can be placed in different positions so you never shoot the same course of fire twice. We also run twilight/low light engagements on all ranges with the ability of adding several levels of difficulty if needed.

Executive Security Company's

  • This is great training for all types of shooters from Law Enforcement to licensed carry holders or anyone looking for a challenge. The Alpha range is the designated for Law Enforcement, LTC, Security Companys capable of holding up to 20 shooters safely at the same time for qualification purposes at a distance of up to 25 yards. Law Enforcement agencies have the option to activate a "Facility Use Agreement" upon request. Send us and inquire for the details by using the email box below.

Agency Facility Use Overview

About Agency Facility Use

  • Firearms Training Fort Worth offers to any local, state or federal law enforcement agency a facility limited use agreement. This agreement is structured in a way to save the agency money, billing procedures and encourage regular training/qualifications. This is done by the agency by purchasing a lump sum amount that can be tailored to their individual’s needs. Such an agreement is a voluntary request that is solely authorized by an administrative command staff employee of the agency. The facility use agreement will reflect a current year that said agency began use and will be active until funds are exhausted at which time they may renew.               
  • Once the agency has funded/paid the agreement, they have the privilege to utilize the facility for any and all classroom and range needs as specified in the agreement and also including the current MOU concerning safety/general liability, scheduling, guidelines, requirements and standards set fort by the facility. Once this agreement has begun and been funded, if said agency makes the decision to terminate, the agency must provide notice in writing from an authorized administrative command staff employee of said agency to Firearms Training Fort Worth. An MOU, memorandum of understanding set forth by the facility will govern agency facility use. An agency can request a copy of the current MOU via usps or email.               
  • As long as the agency is in a conscience effort and actively training/qualifying their officers/employee’s, the agreement will remain in good standings. The agency understands that upon payment this is a use it, or lose it agreement. Cancellation of this agreement by a current member of the agencies administrative command staff is authorized by Firearms Training Fort Worth, but the agency understands when doing this, that the un-used balance is forfeited at that time. Effective February 1, 2014 upon receipt of payment, (agreed upon lump sum) the agency unconditionally agrees to this policy. These statements listed publicly are considered effective notice. This includes all FTFW terms and conditions as well as the facility agency use MOU and MOU conditions whether in a prepaid agreement or without..

Terms & Conditions

FTFW/2AFS LLC Policies

  • Conditions Of Training
  • Students are required to be at the facility no less than ten minutes prior to prescribed training time. The facility gate will be secured just prior to the start of training. The student understands that if they are late they will not be allowed to enter the secured facility. The term (Late) is defined as; The facility is secured, closed to outside admittance The facility completely understands personnel and unforeseen issues could occur. Therefore, if the student is late or couldn’t attend their original pre-paid scheduled training at their prescribed time, the student is allowed one (1) opportunity to make up their training date by contacting the training department via email and rescheduling for the next available listed date or date given via email. Student understands there are no exceptions or disputes to this conditions to this policy. If the student fails to attend a second time including did not reschedule as directed in this condition, the student has then accepted a complete and uncontested forfeiture of their pre-paid training with no dispute.       
  • Firearms Training Fort Worth instructors greatly appreciates your committed effort to make your training day go as smooth as possible. If you expressed interest then requested training, paid the course fee, the facility believes you had every intention of attending your course of training. Combo Package options, once paid are valid for 120 days from date of purchase. Combo packages must complete within 120 days.       
  • Upon submitting payment for any training listed on this site, I (the student/client of FTFW) have read and fully understand the above conditions of training. Furthermore as the student/client, if I fail to attend my scheduled training at the prescribed training time including but not limited to I failed to communicate via email with the training department, I accept and agreed to a full forfeiture of my payment with no dispute.      
  • Registration Process        
  •  We don't offer refunds, only credits. According to our policy, you agreed to all FTFW terms and conditions, which (I the student/client) agreed to unconditionally and with out dispute. (I), the purchaser expressed interest by submitted payment for training there for, I am held fully and completely financially responsible for the training (I the student/client) voluntarily submitted payment for. If you, choose not to attend, I elect to forfeit those funds pertaining to your purchase without dispute or contest. 
  • Registration is a two (2) part process consisting of payment and email. #1 Payment. #2 email us the course your registering for and all personal information is required and must be submitted. If payment is received, but no course of training information is submitted or incomplete, Firearms Training Fort Worth assumes no financial responsibility. How ever, Firearms Training Fort Worth reserves the right to a hold a credit in said amount for the same training for 30 days from original payment date allowing the student ample opportunities to complete the registration process for the same training in order to be rescheduled. After the 30 day period has elapsed, funds will be forfeited without contest or dispute. When purchasing a course of training from FTFW I, the purchaser, understands and fully agree to complete the registration process. Further more I (the purchaser of items of this site) understand and agree that a lack of communication via email, runs the risk in regards of forfeiture of my payment.    
  • Cancellation & Refund's   
  • Cancellation and refund's of training. Firearms Training Fort Worth and 2A Freedom Shooting LLC does not provide refunds. Student/s are required to be at the facility no less than ten minutes prior to prescribed training time. Facility gate will be secured at the prescribed training time. At that time, no one will be allowed in. As a student/client of FTFW, once I've purchased any item on this site, I am solely responsible for entering the correct amount of students in association with proper payment along with all FTFW registration requirements for those that will attend training including but not limited to understanding the terms and conditions upon purchasing any course on this site including but not limited to the requirements of the course I the purchaser, registering for. Once payment is submitted, I, the registrant (student/client) accepts, agrees and understands that no refund be granted due to either a mistake or miss-input during registration. I, the purchaser of items on this site, understands that a credit will be active for 90 days from date of purchase, providing training department instructions have been followed correctly. After 90 days, the credit is void.  Please note that once a course is purchased, it is valid for up to 90 days from the date of purchase. In reference to tiered training courses, all student/clients are required by company policy to attend level (1) training first, no exceptions. It is very rare however, training dates and times are subject to change due to bad weather. If a student/client waits longer than 90 days/three months to take the next level, that student will have to retake at level 1. For those seeking  membership, all requirements must be met within eight months. If this requirement is not met, as a student I understand I will  have to re-start at  level 1.
  • Weather Notifications      
  • Inclement weather conditions such as rain or freezing weather could play a role in the determination if training will be conducted. If apparent and obvious that bad weather has moved through the area recently including but not limited to the night before or the day of where FTFW is located such as moderate to heavy rain including but not limited to heavy storms, as the student I assume that my scheduled training has been canceled due to poor range conditions which could be a safety hazard regarding my training. The facility reserves all rights when determining whether or not training will be canceled do to weather conditions. (Training will be canceled if there is a 35% chance or greater of rain/storms in the area or in the direct path of the facility.) Rescheduling is the sole responsiblity of the student/agency. Students are required to utilized the next avilable dates/times listed or given via email regarding the course they registered  for. If student/s fails to re-register within the next 90 days from date of cancelation of the course due to bad weather conditions, the student/s understands they have forfited their pre-paid registration. 
  • Special Orders        
  • Special order items may not be canceled once the order has be submitted. This applies to all but not limited to firearms, firearm accessories, apparel, and gunsmith labor related to upgrades and modifications. All special order items must be paid for in person.    
  • Gift Certificates and Raffle Policy        
  • When purchasing a gift certificates, I fully understand that it has no cash or trade in value for any reason. Gift certificates are purchased solely for training only, and are valid for redemption 90 days from date of purchase. The purchaser understands and agrees that the gift certificate must be used for the original course of training listed on the gift certificate, certain exceptions are at managements desecration. To redeem the gift certificate, the recipient is solely responsible and required to complete and submit the Course Of Training information to the trainingdept@firearmstrainingfortworth.com via email within 90 days of receipt. If the course was discontinued by FTFW, and/or the recipient failed to complete registration within the allotted time, the gift certificate is void. If a listed course was discontinued by FTFW after the registration process was complete, recipient will still be allowed to attended that training. Once a course of training is discontinued it will no longer be available. As the recipient of a gift certificate I am solely responsible to complete the registration process in regards to the course listed on the gift certificate in a reasonable amount of time or within 90 days from date of purchase. If I or the barrier, fail to do so, I understand my gift certificate is void, this includes failure to communicate via email. I fully understand that, gift certificates will expire 90 days from date of purchase regardless of sircumstance. Any gift certificate printed on or before June 1, 2015 not barring the FTFW logo, and has not been redeemed correctly by methods listed above, is void. All the above terms and conditions apply to any holder of a FTFW gift card. Note: When purchasing a gift card for training, it is required that the recipient follow the registration process. FTFW is not responsible for incomplete registrations. The winner of a raffle item whether training or product, that raffle is valid 90 days from the date won.   Firearms Repair Terms and Conditions   Quality Assurance   Upon receipt of and firearm/s that is in need of repair or parts whether installing new parts or upgraded factory aftermarket parts, this includes machine work and or refinishing. Customer will be interview as to the modifications/task they are requesting. FTFW/2AFS will utilize the best methods and parts available at the time. The firearm/s will be inspected thoroughly as to the nature of the repair/upgrade needed taking into considerations of the customers request. The customer may be advised and directed as to where to order additional parts at their expense in the event an existing part is damaged, worn or out of minimum specifications in order to complete the task. This will be done via email there for creating a digital record of events and conversion.    
  • Task Completion Date  
  • Under no set circumstances will the customer be given an exact date of completion on any project. This is due to work load and parts availability. Only and estimated turn around time may be given which could vary depending on circumstances out of our control. All labor pricing can be viewed on the gunsmith services page. Pricing could vary slightly depending on task.   
  • The Repair Process  
  • Initially the firearm will be disassembled and inspected thoroughly. In many cases due to neglect maintenance, the firearm/s may require a complete deep clean prior to any work beginning. We will not start a task on a dirty firearm. Applicable cleaning charges will apply. We will not return a dirty firearm to the customer. Once all correct parts are in hand, the installation process will begin. Machine work may be required in some cases. This charge is $90.00 an hour with a half hour minimum. Upon completion, the firearm/s will be function tested multiple cycles utilizing both dry fire and live fire methods to ensure proper function. If for some reason the firearm/item was unable to be repaired, due to circumstances beyond or control such as, parts unavailable, worn or out of spec exiting parts/items and/or would create an unsafe condition of the firearm/item the firearm/item will be returned with no charges/fees assessed. I understand and agree that any and all parts installed or labor preformed including machine work by any entity not affiliated with FTFW after firearm/item has been returned, is the sole responsibility of the legal owner of the firearm/item. In most cases, especially on large projects, the repair process will be documented and recorded with digital camera for future verification. We guarantee labor for thirty days from date of invoice. Parts are warrantied by the manufacture.  Alterations Policy  The customer recognizes and realizes including a full uncontested agreement to indemnify and hold harmless upon submission of a firearm/item for services, (including all entities, agents and personnel of) to FTFW/2AFS if a violation or suspension of violation of original task occurs. If the customer/s, agents or parties act in any way involving the attempt resulting in a violation of the original task (that was completed by FTFW/2AFS) including any and all modification, alterations, changes, adjustments, conversion or refitting from the original task regardless the size, the customer at that time accepts full and sole responsibility and is consider in violation of original task. Furthermore the customer understands and agrees to hold harmless including forfeiture of rights for legal proceedings if they, the customer or any of their parties or agents have participated in any or all of the above activities and in doing so caused and/or created an unsafe condition or accident to occur. Customer voluntarily assumes sole responsibility in this occurrence and consents to a full release of liability of FTFW/2AFS. Customer understands and agrees that FTFW/2AFS will not be held responsible nor liable for any reason associated task once firearm/s is reacquired by the customer.   
  • Customer deliveries or pickups are done by appointment only and must be scheduled ahead of time. All visitors to the FTFW Pro Shop are being monitored and recorded. Anyone leaving any and all firearms in FTFW/2AFS custody has voluntarily agreed and consented to this policy and all facility terms and conditions with out question. Furthermore I understand that a copy of the terms and conditions are available for my review in both hard copy and website format.

M.O.U. Conditions

MOU Listed Requirements Conditions

FTFW/2AFS LLC range master or designated range master reserves the right to terminate any and all training of an agency at any time during the agency approved training session. Termination may occur in the event of  blatant and or deliberate disregard to any portion of the current MOU mandated guidelines including but not limited to; accidental discharge and or negligent discharge of a firearm any where on FTFW property, improper use of a range, destruction or damage to classroom/range property.

Facility Reserves The Right To

Upon discovery of any of the following events, any individual that knowingly participated in whether partially or solely will be subject to automatic suspension from the facility for a period of six months. These events include any disrespectful conduct including but not limited to inappropriate language and unprofessional conduct or challenging the range master/designated range masters decisions, miss use of range assignment, inaccurate/incorrect information submitted regarding facility/range use request.

The range master will notify the agency chief with a situation report in writing briefing them as to what took place. FTFW/2AFS reserves the right to fully prohibit, suspend or place on probation the following entities from use of the facility indefinitely or for a period of time at the facilities discretion. The agency, agency lead trainer/instructor, agency trainer/instructor including but not limited to any agency officer, employee, reservist of the agency or anyone associated with the agency that knowingly participated in whether partially or solely the violation during the agency scheduled training session. In the event that the individual/s named in the situation report, referencing mandated current MOU guideline violations works for or is employed, contracted or associated with another agency whether in the same capacity or not, the individual will remain prohibited, suspended or placed on probation from facility property and FTFW/2AFS  at the facilities discretion without contest or review. All publicly listed MOU conditions are considered effective notice.

Anyone utilizing FTFW/2AFS LLC will conduct themselves in a safe, professional and courteous manner at all times with respect to others and the facility.

Our goal for any agency or agency employee's that chooses to use the facility is to create and maintain a high level of safety in a structured training environment.

Prior Client Payment Portal

     In order to use this feature you will have been given prior authorization by a senior staff instructor, in addition to unique special instructions. 

     Only those that have attended a minimum of eight hours of training and have a valid Texas LTC will be authorized to use this payment portal. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card