Core Based Tactical Training


Tactical AR-15 Carbine Level l training will give the student the necessary basics skills involved with owning, operating and maintaining this weapon system. Once the student has completed this training, they'll have a complete fundamental knowledge and background of the weapon along with history and development, different sighting systems, cleaning / lubrication / inspection points, zeroing their weapon and tactical drills with their carbine. All students must attend level l training.

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Tactical AR/CARBINE LEVEL ll $220.00

Tactical AR/Carbine Level ll training is an intermediate training course giving the student a greater level of essential skills making the operator more proficient with this platform. Confirming zero, speed / accuracy drills, use of barricade, types of mag changes and malfunction are just some of the skills you'll learn in this block of instruction. A level of physical ability is required to complete this training. 


Tactical AR/Carbine Level lll training challenges the students ability by leaning to shoot around vehicles, shooting and advanced moving, shooting andreloading. Continued use of cover and concealment, close quarter contacts, why we create angles during movement. Once complete the student will also have utilized strong side weak side manipulation of their carbine along with their handgun.


Tactical AR/Carbine Level lV is a demanding and physical training course encompassing all previously learned skills now put to a much more dynamic pace. Once completed the student will have demonstrated that they are proficient in malfunctions, stress related drills, shooting and reloading on the move, creating angles with a target, multiple target engagements, mag change drills, close quarter contact, 180 degree engagements of multiple targets, victim recovery under fire, use of a vehicle for cover all while performing solid and quick manipulation of both weapon systems.


Combat shotgun level l is an in depth comprehensive course designed for the beginner shotgun enthusiast. Upon completion this course will give you the necessary skills to maintain and operate your shotgun whether for home defense or in the field hunting. Student will be instructed on history and development, field strip & cleaning, inspection points and safe storage. Once on the range you'll have the opportunity to pattern and run some basic drills related to shotgun. Click here to sign up.


Combat shotgun level ll is an intermediate and very dynamic, moderate pace course which does require a good level of physical ability. Upon completion you'll have the necessary skills to shoot and move, shoot on the move and reload, understanding the importance of creating angles with your target and shooting from different positions. It is required to use a pump action defensive shotgun for this course.


Combat Shotgun Level lll is one of the areas most dynamic and demanding shotgun courses available. In this course the student will intergrate not only all the skills they learned in level's l & ll but also utilize their handgun skills. Opon completion, you'll become familiar with transitioning from shotgun to pistol in the event your shotgun runs dry or goes down.


Tactical Pistol one is a great dynamic learning experience allowing the student to move and shoot, work through malfunctions and overall become a much higher skilled handgun shooter. Accuracy and speed drills coupled with stress is what this course is designed around. Upon completition the student will have a good level of confidence in handling a pistol. Click here to sign up.


In Tactical Pistol ll, a good level of physical ability is important for this course, running, laying down and getting up under induced stress situations including shooting on the move. Use of barricades, different shooting positions, strong hand/weak hand shooting. All these plus more aspects of pistol marksmanship including everything taught in level l.


This course is designed for CHL/LTC holders, home owners or anyone that depends on a handgun for self defense. The Low Light Pistol training is very effective in the fact that you will learn the basics on how to use your weapon in total darkness. This instruction is split ( some classroom and mostly range) From loading to clearing malfunctions and engaging targets at close, (5 yards) to medium ranges (10 yards) at night under low light or total dark conditions. The student will also understand how to use the flashlight correctly when identifying targets as well as the advantages and disadvantages of weapons mounted lights. This course just as Tactical AR/Cabine-Pistol-Shotgun Training Fort Worth Dallas facility is very dynamic and will enhance anyones skills.